Vehicle's Categories

The company ShehuTrans is one of the only transport companies in Albania that offers cargo transportation to its customers with a range of vehicles ranging from 200 kg to 24 tons per vehicle.

In this way we have made it possible to propose the most suitable means of transport for your needs with the cheapest prices in Albania and Europe, guaranteeing a reliable, fast and secure transport.


Freight Shuttle

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The freight car is a very practical and highly manageable tool within the city. Also, it is fast to transport small and light weights.

Ideal tool for logistic services or for supplying small quantities. Vans enter the category of vehicles that do not require traffic authorization within the city from the relevant authorities.
fugon mallrash


Transport trucks

Transport trucks are divided into two categories by weight and load volume:

Category 1 - PTAC 3t500 ---- are pickups that enter light vehicles. For intra-city transports, there is no need for authorizations by the relevant authorities. The large volume of the container and the flat floor favors the balloon transportation cameras and the transfer of flats.

Category 2 - are camcorders that have a bearing weight greater than PTAT 3t500 and for this reason, for intra-city transport, they must be equipped with a traffic authorization by the relevant authorities.
kamioncin transporti


Transportation Truck


Transport trucks are heavy vehicles that are divided by tonnage categories, ranging from category I 6.5 tn, category II to 12 tn and category III tt 19 tn.

Transport trucks are tools that enable us to transport high tonnage loads and large volumes. They are ideal tools for pallet transport and for supplying enterprises with a high load capacity.

Transport of goods within cities by truck requires authorization of circulation by the respective authorities.

kamion transporti


Trailer Transport

Transportation trolleys are heavy vehicles from 19 to 22 tons of cargo. These tools enable the transport of high tonnage to largely but not only large distances.

This category enables the transportation of various pallets and objects with high tonnage. They are ideal for international but also national transports in remote distant states of high tonnage.

The transport trailer is one of the largest authorized vehicles on the road axes.

trailer transporti


TrailersTrailers enable transportation of volumes or objects. The weights weighing this type of vehicle are very favorable for heavy loads and for goods with extraordinary dimensions.


Auto-ScaleFor those cases where the only way to transport the furniture or equipment is from the balcony or window, ShehuTrans places at your disposal an auto-scale with a height of up to 14 floors and a capacity of 850 kg. In this way the transfer of apartments, businesses, becomes even easier and faster, within the maximum security and quality


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