Storage & Logistics


   Warehousing of goods

ShehuTrans also provides temporary storage of goods in our closed premises, in stock or according to your needs; in containers placed in the park area, or even in open spaces. The park and warehouse, even the park area where the containers are, are a very safe environment under the supervision of our staff 24/24 hours. ShehuTrans bears the responsibility for the last point for the preservation of your goods until the completion of procedures with the state or customs authorities.

                                                                                                       Logistics services

In cases where importers or businesses importing a large load into a single vehicle (with a trailer or container) and then want to distribute their goods in small quantities or small volumes in the districts of Albania according to your needs (or in similar cases), ShehuTrans offers you a complete service in the field of logistics: transportation, loading and unloading and temporary warehousing, separating and sorting your goods, transporting and disposing of goods to the right destination in every corner of Albania.


We offer you the workforce and professional tools for loading and unloading your goods with professionalism and maximum safety from our staff!

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