Road Transport within Albania

One of the main activities of the ShehuTrans Company is Road Transport within Albania that represents about 60% of our activity while International Transportation presents about 40% of the international activity. The road transport company ShehuTrans offers quality services depending on your needs such as: Freight transport, apartment or business transfers, cargo warehousing, cargo loading, cargo insurance, customs assistance etc. ShehuTrans guarantees you quality and fast services from every corner of Albania and Europe to better respond to your needs.

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What we offer is simple transportation and guaranteed with cheaper prices on the road transport market. ShehuTrans offers a variety of tools according to your needs and proposes you the most convenient means of transport of goods that you need. In this way the road transport company ShehuTrans has    made it possible to offer the most competitive and cost effective prices up to 40% cheaper than the competition. This is accomplished starting only for 14000 leks for 20 cubic meters.

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                    For transfers of apartments, houses or businesses, Shehutrans has placed at your disposal a 14-storey autoscale. In this way we have made it easier not only to climb, but also to descend your objects to / from the top floors. The Autoscale for transport and transferring Tirana brands is free of charge.

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