Who are we

ShehuTrans is a leading private equity company based in Albania. Shehu Trans company operates in the Albanian and international market for more than 12 years. Through our network, partners and representative offices, we are well positioned in the field of road transport and offer a high quality service with the most competitive prices in the market.

The company Shehu Trans is one of the only transport companies in Albania that offers freight transport and many other services related to the transport field. We make available to our customers a range of different tools ranging from small tonnage machines such as freight cars, freight wagons, etc. and at the same time large tonnage vehicles as well as transport trucks; of all categories and volumes, tralier or remorqueator.

ShehuTrans is the only transport company that undertakes the smallest freight transportation, ranging from 200 kg to 24 tons per vehicle.


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In this way we have made it possible to propose the most suitable means of transport for your needs with the cheapest prices in Albania and Europe. We also offer total transparency and control over transport costs at very competitive rates, cost-effective and guaranteeing reliable, fast and secure transportation.

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What makes the ShehuTrans company more specific than other road transport companies is the complete fairness to its customers with the many services such as: Freight Transport, Housing or Business Transactions, Freight Cargo, Cargo Deposits, Auto-escalators, Services administrative, transportation insurance, customs assistance, etc. ShehuTrans's services are of a high quality, fast and secure quality.


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