Truck Transport

Transport trucks are divided into two categories by weight and load volume:

Category 1 PTAC 3t500 - are pickups that enter light vehicles. For intra-city transport there is no need for authorizations by the relevant authorities. Large container volume and flat flooring favor pallet trucks for pallet transport and transfer of flats.

Category 2 - are pickups that have a bearing weight greater than PTAT 3t500 and for this reason, for intra-city transport, they must be equipped with a traffic authorization by the relevant authorities.



kamioncin transporti

Load Dimension:


Volume 22.22m³
Surface 8,20 m² 
Length 4,47 m
Width 2,14 m 
Height 2,23 m
Diagonal 2,76 m



Carrying weight:

PTCA 3t500 PV 2t063
CU lt237 PRTA 7t500

Other information:

Side doors Yes
 Back doors  Yes
 Pallet loading Yes
 Forklift  Yes
Link of goods  Yes
Temperature regulator  No




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