Trailer Transport

Transportation trolleys are heavy vehicles from 19 to 22 tons of cargo. These tools allow the transport of high tonnage at very large distances, but not only.

This category enables the transportation of various pallets and objects with high tonnage. They are ideal for international, but also national transport on remote high-tonnage distances.

The transport trailer is one of the largest authorized vehicles on the road axes.

trailer transporti

Load Dimensions:

 Volume  98.22m³
 Surface  32,20 m² 
 Length  13,43 m
 Width  2,45 m 
 Height  2,91 m
 Diagonal  3,76 m

Carrying weight:

 PTCA  34t500  PV  22t063
 CU  22t00  PRTA  44t500


Other information:

 Side doors  Yes
 Back doors  Yes
 Pallet loading  Yes
Forklift  Yes
Link of goods Yes
Temperature regulator  No



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