Transport Mallrash

Moving your flat is always tedious and annoying. Lets take some of your fatigue and annoyance by entrusting us to transport your home cheaper and faster.

ShehuTrans offers you temporary warehousing until the end of the procedures with the state or   customs authorities in our premises, under the secure supervision of our staff 24 hours.

What we offer is the simplest and cheapest freight on the market. Up to 40% cheaper than competition.   Starting from 14,000 leks for 20 cubic meters.

In order to facilitate as much as possible the bureaucratic customs procedures Shehu trans offers you services such as customs assistance, administrative assistance for all customs procedures and formalities.

We offer you the most reliable service for international transport and international shipping of our customers. Transparency and control over transport costs at highly competitive and cost-effective rates.

In us you will find offers with promotional prices for transport within Albania and within the city, but   not only! Shehu trans offers you free car rentals for free transfers of apartments and businesses.

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